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Other Services

Fernlea continues to look for ways to support people living with a life-limiting illness, their carers,

families and the community.


The following services are currently being developed and will be launched in 2022.


Carer Support Group  


The aim of this group is to provide support and improved quality of life for people in their role as a carer. It will create opportunities to network, build peer friendships with other carers, as well as to give carers access to relevant information about their loved ones’ conditions and other services that are available. It is envisaged that carers will meet together monthly, with a facilitator who will bring in appropriate professionals, information and activities, based on the needs and interests of the group.  


FERNS (Fernlea Extended Respite and Support) program

FERNS will be focused on providing more emotional, intense support at the very end-of-life stage: a mix of providing respite for the carer, socialisation for the person, especially when they become too ill to leave their home, and supporting the person and their family to prepare for death. Specially trained volunteers will go into homes to provide respite in the last weeks and days of life. If the family is ready, the volunteer will also help the person and their family prepare for death, and to facilitate the sorts of conversations that families find so difficult and challenging at this time.  Our experience shows that being able to plan and to talk openly about what they are going through, gives people back some control over their lives when they are particularly vulnerable. Being supported to plan and put their affairs in order can also help them deal with their grief and bring a sense of closure and peace of mind.


‘Reflection’ – a memoirs program

This program can be used as a healing therapy, which can play a part in helping someone with a life-limiting illness to review, record and tell the story of their life. The result will be a permanent record of their life, a specific event, a poem, a photo album, a painting, a video - which will be an enduring memory and legacy for their family. The process will be supported by a trained volunteer, and will be tailored to the needs and wishes of the person. 

If you are interested in any of these services, or have ideas for other ways in which Fernlea could provide support, please call on:


03-5968 6639.

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