Local care by local people.
In your home or at one of our centres.

We provide community-led day respite and qualified

in-home care.


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How can we help? 

We can provide care in your home, care at one of our day respite centres or a combination of both depending on your needs.

We provide one-on-one care and because we’re a small, community-based organisation, in most instances you will have

the same carer looking after you. 



Warm, professional care in your home, tailored to you and your specific needs.



Spend a day at one of our centres

in Emerald or Pakenham with other people from the local community, being looked after by our caring, friendly staff.

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We have a range of existing and planned services to support carers and complement our other services, including a local carer support group, an end-of-life home visiting program and memoirs program.


Why Fernlea? 

Why choose Fernlea

Fernlea provides care

that is different.

We are a small, community organisation so

we can really get to know you as a person.

We see the whole person, not just their illness and all of our services are designed to improve our clients’ independence, choice and quality of life  We provide more than just personal care. In our centres, our holistic approach includes complementary therapies likeReiki and massage, , delicious chef cooked meals using produce grown at Fernlea or sourced locally, and activities planned around our guests’ interests.

Why shop at Fernlea

Buy great products and support

a great cause too

You can find a bargain and support Fernlea’s services at the same time by shopping at Fernlea’s Shop of Opportunities’ in Emerald or online.

Buy Fernlea’s book, In the end: a practical guide to dying - a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to ‘get their affairs in order’ and doesn’t know where to start

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A picture tells a thousand words

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get from being part of the Fernlea family.

Check out our gallery to get a sense of Fernlea and the care, compassion and fun we provide.


What makes Fernlea different?

We focus on you as a person and we don’t allow your illness to define you.


We are proud to be small and local

We have strong connections and commitment

to the local communities we serve.


Our services are professional and also holistic

You’re more than your illness and so we treat you that way. Our services also complement clinical palliative

and dementia care.


We support carers too

We work in partnership with and support carers

because we recognise the pressures they face.

What our clients say...

       Sylvia : Guest

“I attend Fernlea because I enjoy the company of being with these lovely

people, always smiling and happy.”


      Pam : Carer

“I wouldn’t have been able to care for him at home as long as I have without the help from family, aged care packages and Fernlea.”


       Chris : Guest

“I go to Fernlea because

I can be myself.”


Hear from a carer

Libby talks about what makes Fernlea such

a loving and warm environment for her husband's care.

Hear from a guest

 Paula speaks about how she looks forward

to coming to Fernlea because of the warm welcome and care she receives.

Fernlea’s friendships

Hear Jani and Christine talk about

enjoying spending time together

at Fernlea.

What’s happening in the Fernlea community?

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We're happy to help