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Carers Support

We recognise most people prefer to be at home and living as independently as possible, even when they aren't well. We know that carers sometimes need a break or some support, and we include their own needs in our plans along with those of our clients.

As part of our model of care, we always try to match our staff to the client's personality, likes and needs. This includes ensuring, wherever possible, the same staff look after the client on an on-going basis, so the client has continuity of care and can develop a relationship with that person.

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We tailor our services to your requirements - from as little as one hour to all day, overnight, weekends or 24-hour care. In home care can be combined with day respite, there are no

lock in contracts, and you can change your hours with minimal notice as your needs change.


Whether it’s daily activities, some Our Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) hold nationally recognised qualifications and are medications endorsed. They’re experienced caring for those with a life-limiting illness, acute and chronic conditions, and dementia. They can assist will all the essentials, such as showering, dressing, grooming, feeding, meal

preparation, and more.



With extensive health care experience, our nurses can assess and complete care plans for both you and your carer. They can manage medications and wound dressings and perform clinical assessments and reviews. Working in concert with PCAs and activities planners, they assist in maintaining independence and wellbeing for our guests and families.



Our support staff are always keen to take you out for some shopping or an appointment. We’ll also provide some company at home to play games, read books and magazines, watch TV or a movie, or just chat over a cuppa.



Give your carer a break and yourself a change in routine, whether it’s for an hour or a day. Our Personal Care Assistants will care for you at home, meeting your needs and giving you the chance to spend some time with someone new. Meanwhile, you’re carer is free to run errands,

relax and recharge.

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