Fernlea House

Assessing Your Needs

Stage 1

MyAgedCare is the starting point to access Australian Government funded services for people over 65 requiring respite services.  Tel 1800 200 422  MyAgedCare MyAgedCare Resource

(If you are under 65, you can still use Fernlea's services, but you do not need to go through MyAgedCare, you can contact us directly. We cannot use our government funding to subsidise fees for younger people, however, we keep our fees as low as possible for people under 65 by raising our own funds through our shop and in-home care business).

Stage 2

After completing an application with MyAgedCare, you will be referred to undertake an assessment by an Aged Care Assessor to determine your situation, needs and level of package (if you need one). 

Fernlea is not an Aged Care Assessor, so will not carry out the actual aged care assessment required by MyAgedCare. However, as a community service, we can support you and act as your advocate when you contact MyAgedCare.

Stage 3

It is at this point that you can choose the services you need to support you, and who you want to provide those services. You do not have to use the organisation that did the assessment (if they are also a service provider), and you are not tied in to using one service to cover all your different needs, you can elect to use a combination of service providers - the choice is yours. Your Aged Care Package Provider distributes the funding you are allocated to the various providers you’d like to have support you such as Fernlea.

We recommend you explore and visit the services available to you in your local community to assist you develop a package of services that best meet your needs as well as those of your carer(s).

Stage 4

If you have selected Fernlea to provide day respite for yourself or your loved one, welcome! It is at this level, we will develop a Fernlea Personal Care Plan with you and your carer(s). This plan will ensure that we tailor the care we provide to your needs, abilities and preferences. Your Personal Care Plan will be revised at least annually or whenever any major change occurs. 

As part of Fernlea's personalised model of care, we also develop a care plan for the carer, so that we are aware of any issues and can support the carer in their role.   

If you need additional support at home, we can also provide that service for you through Fernlea In-Home Care